Sliding in the Snow is a Teletubbies segment. It is the main segement of the episode Christmas Gospel Singing. It also appeared In Teletubbies and the Snow.


The Teletubbies were walking carefully in the snow because you could slip ni the snow.Po, Laa Laa and Dipsy were were walking carefully but Tinky Winky wasn't doing the same so he slipped. When Tinky Winky slips, he begins to slide. It looks like fun so the other Teletubbies slide in the snow too. Laa-Laa wants to slide too so she slips and slides down the snow. It is Po's turn so she slides down the snow too. Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po want Dipsy to play sliding, but he is too scared until he slides down the snow. He is not scared anymore when the other Teletubbies and narrator say "What clever sliding". The Teletubbies love Dipsy.

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