Ragdoll Productions (or Ragdoll Ltd) is a British production company that produces children's television shows and movies. It was founded in 1984 by Anne Wood, who later devised many of their television series, seen (in the case of Teletubbies) in 111 countries and translated into 41 languages. Before 1984, Ragdoll's founder Anne Wood made children's programmes for Yorkshire Television and TV-am. Ragdoll Ltd is a privately owned family company founded in 1984 by Anne Wood. In 2006 Ragdoll and BBC Worldwide formed a joint venture, Ragdoll Worldwide to manage and exploit Ragdoll programming. The slogan for the company is "Works for children." It made shows like Teletubbies, Pob, Playbox, Rosie and Jim, Tots TV, Brum, Boohbah, In the Night Garden, Dip Dap, Abney and Teal, and Twirlywoos.

On September 16, 2013, Ragdoll Worldwide was sold to DHX Media, a Canadian production company, for £17.4 million (or USD $24,457,135.58 or CAD $29,756,610.00). DHX Media currently owns the rights to all of Ragdoll's shows and they are no longer connected to the company except for Pob's Programme. Despite being sold, Ragdoll Productions itself remains as an independent company and still continues to make shows to this day.