The rabbits are supporting characters in Teletubbies.


The rabbits are the only species of Earth animal found in Teletubbyland. They appear in every episode on hills and in their burrows. Despite being seen frequently, they are rarely mentioned by the narrator. The Teletubbies enjoy playing with the rabbits and watching them. Apart the Lion and Bear (Edited Sketch), the rabbits are never seen in any of the other magical events. Sometimes the big rabbits make children rabbits. It is good and fun to see more rabbits on Teletubbies. Sometimes they had to refilm lots of scenes because they were seen on camera making, producing, creating and building more rabbits.


The rabbits have light brown fur and long ears. They are very large, even in comparison to the Teletubbies. The children's rabbits, which was maked by the big rabbits, are small but still large.


The rabbits in teletubbies are a breed called "Flemish Giant" the were used for there size as not to give away the scale of the teletubby filming site.

They also were notorious for breeding on set and there we several scenes that had to be re-filmed due to them making more rabbits on camera.


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