Pui Fan Lee

Pui Fan Lee (born July 14, 1971) is a British-Chinese actress and presenter. She is known for portraying Po. As she came from Chinese descent, Pui gave Po a little Cantonese in her character by having her say some Cantonese phrases, most notably 'Fi-dit, Fi-dit' (Faster, Faster) and 'Yāt, yih, sàam' (One, Two, Three).

After the original series ended, Pui Fan Lee continued to work in children's television. Other than Po, she is also known for being a former presenter on Cbeebies. Currently she works with other former Cbeebies presenter Chris Jarvis on their own programme 'Show Me, Show Me'.


  • When Pui worked as a presenter for Cbeebies, she would do Po's voice when it was time was for the birthday cards and a Teletubbies card came up.
  • In 2001, she took on the role of a lesbian in the Channel 4 show 'Metro sexuality'. It caused a bit of controversy, however Pui didn't take the role to be controversial and just done because she is an actress.
  • Apparently Pui Fan Lee helped train the actors for the new series of Teletubbies.