Po plays with the Controls is a Teletubbies Segment, it appeared in the episode The Helicopter.


The segment begins with Po walking up to the Controls and then notices the viewer and says Eh-Oh! She turns a lever, then the next one, then the 3rd one and then turns the first one back, then the second one and then the 3rd one then turns the big lever and then thinks about which one to pull next, so she puts the big lever back into normal position and then puts another lever into the green light, then the next one and then the final one and then laughs then pulls the big lever down then turns the crank and then laughs.

The Magic Windmill spins, Po says Uh-Oh! and then Rushes off to watch the TV Transmission.


  • The Tubby Sponges are replaced with 4 coloured hands in this scene and also, a different set of lights appear on the control panel.
  • This segment also has a rare animation of the Windmill.


Teletubbies Po plays with the Controls

Teletubbies Po plays with the Controls