Po's scooter

Po's scooter is Po's favourite thing. It is a pink and blue scooter with black wheels. Po is usually seen riding it in Teletubbyland. It can go very fast. It also has a horn that goes "Beep! Beep!" Po once fell asleep on her scooter and it rolled away with her on it. She has also chased the Teletubbies on her scooter too. Po loves her scooter.

This is the only thing the Noo Noo Hasn't tidied up because in reality, Noo-Noo wouldn't be able to because it is made out of metal.

2015 Series

In the 2015 series, Po's Scooter has been changed slightly. It is now pink and orange. In addition, Po now has a pink helmet which she wears when riding her scooter. It is the only favourite thing that has been changed while the other Teletubbies' favourite things remain the same as they were in the original series.

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