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Gender Female
Height 6 ft 6 in
Hair none
Eyes brown
Skin red (outside) plain (inside)
Favourite thing scooter

Po: "Po cootah back?"
Laa-Laa: "No!"
Po: "Ohhh!"
— Po and Laa-Laa

Po is the fourth Teletubby. She lives in Teletubbyland with the other Teletubbies. She is the most cutest Teletubby.[1]

Physical Characteristics

Po is a rosy red Teletubby whom has an antenna that is shaped like a circle used for blowing bubbles. She is the smallest of the Teletubbies. Po is 6 feet tall and she is voiced by Pui Fan Lee, who is a British actress of Chinese descent and is also a popular presenter, which is why Po can speak in English and Cantonese. "Fi dit!" is Cantonese for "Faster!" She is also afraid of The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair in the original sketch and snakes especially in the Animal Parade.

Personality and traits

Po's favourite object is her blue and bright pink scooter, which she calls "Po cooter!" or just "cooter," which is how a young child would say scooter.[2] Po often wants attention and is often silly when she misunderstands the commands of the Voice Trumpets. She is the silliest problem solver, the best "spider-fighter" of the Teletubbies, a tomboyish type, and of all the Teletubbies, she is the one who usually becomes most involved with the audience. She loves both attention and her curly red circular aerial on her head. In the Teletubbies' house, she sleeps at the side of all the other Teletubbies and sometimes eats Tubby Toast while the others are sleeping, which explains where she sleeps on the far left. Po is also a bit timid, and a little less talkative than the other Teletubbies. She likes cute stuff and often hangs out with Tinky Winky and Laa Laa too. She likes all animals, but her favorites are African and Asiatic elephants, dolphins, orcas, butterflies, giraffes, pandas, white tigers, platypuses, wallabies and rabbits.

Behind the Scenes

Many refer to Po as "he" even though it is "she." This is not true as Po is voiced by a woman and Po's gender is actually female and it has been referred in a few episodes. This is usually due to Po being red and for her tomboyish antics.

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Po holding the flag.


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Po in "Favorite Games."

Tubby introduce004

Po dancing.

Tubby introduce008

Po loves her scooter.


The Teletubbies


Po loves to ride on her scooter.


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