Play with the Teletubbies is a childrens video game released in 1999 for PlayStation(PS1) and PC by Ragdoll Productions, BBC Multimedia and AE Games. Play with the Teletubbies is the first video game based on the popular Television series Teletubbies.

Children control a Teletubby, wonder around Teletubbyland and can play some fun activies in Teletubbyland and inside the House.

The activities in this game:

Selecting a Teletubby in the Playstation Version



Play with the Teletubbies Playstation UK Cover

  • Favourite Things - The Teletubbies play with their Favourite Things
  • Hiding Game - The Teletubby looks for the other Teletubbies Hiding Behind some Trees.
  • Whats That?- Something appears from Far Away, the Teletubby chases the object and at the end a Voice Trumpet sings a song related to that object. The objects are:
      1. Star (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
      2. Sheep (Little Bo Peep)
      3. Puddle (Doctor Foster)
      4. Dog (Hark Hark)
      5. Duck (Duck Goes Quack)
      6. Wall (Humpty Dumpty)
      7. Watering (Mary Mary, Quite Contrary)
      8. Mirror (Look in the Mirror)
      9. Pig (This Little Piggy)
      10. Kite (Blow, Wind)
      11. Guitar (Pop Goes the Weasel)
  • Magic Drum- A Magic Drum appears from Far Away, Bang the drum Four times to make Flowers, Clouds, Rabbits and the other Teletubbies ( In the PSX Version , Instead of Rabbits there are another set of Flowers), after all these appears bang the drums and everything swaps around and disappears.

    Play with the Teletubbies UK PC Cover

  • TV Tummies- Watch videos from the Teletubbies tummies , there are 11 videos
      1. Flamenco Guitar
      2. Our Pig Winnie
      3. Kite Flying
      4. Dry Stone Wall
      5. Herding Sheep
      6. Our Dog Alice
      7. Our Lighthouse
      8. Playing in the Rain
      9. Sarah and Fraser feeding the Ducks
      10. Photo Faces
      11. Making Flowers

        Play with the Teletubbies intro PC Version

      12. Magic Event Games
  1. The Magic Train - A Train appears on a Track , make it go Fast, Slow, Forward and Backwards and make noises.
  2. The Musical Clouds- Clouds appear ( Four in the PSX Version. Three in the PC Version ) raise the clouds to make music , each cloud has a different Instrument.


  • Tubby Custard- Make a mess at the Tubby Custard Machine and make Tubby Custard foot prints. The Teletubby can be sped up and then Noo Noo will tidy up.
  • Tubby Toast- Make Tubby Toast , if the Teletubby makes more than four pieces Noo Noo will tidy up.
  • Chasing Noo Noo- Noo Noo tidies up a piece of Tubby Toast and the Teletubby chases Noo Noo around the House, one by one another Teletubby will appear and join in the chasing, at the end the Teletubbies have a Big Hug with Noo Noo
  • Control Panel-  Play with the Control Panel and make funny noises (This game is not in the PC Version).

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