Pink Tubby Custard Spots is a segment of the episode Colours - Pink

Po comes in and says "Eh-oh!" and makes a bowl of Tubby Custard which is pink too. She gets a Tubby Custard bowl, lowers the Tubby custard tap and turns on the tubby custard and it goes into her bowl. When Po gets her bowl of Tubby Custard, she sees Tinky Winky coming in front of her. He says "Eh-oh!" to Po and then she says "Eh-oh!" to him. She shows him her bowl of Tubby Custard. Tinky Winky wants to have some too, but he sometimes forgets how to make it. Po shows him the Tubby Custard bowl to get it and Tinky Winky gets it. She is so surprised when he accidentally spreads the custard spots all over the Tubby Custard Machine and all over her. He accidentally spreads it all over the Noo-Noo too. Just then Laa-Laa says "Eh-oh!" and is ready to play with her ball when she sees Tubby Custard spots splattering all over her ball. Tinky Winky, Po and Laa-Laa say "Oh no!" and giggle. So the Noo-Noo tidies up the Tubby Custard off the machine, off Po, off Laa-Laa's ball and off himself. The three Teletubbies thank him and give each other a big hug.