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Teletubbies Deutsch Die Tubby Pudding Wolke HQ

Pink Tubby Custard Cloud is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in the episode Swimming with Stephanie and in the VHS Uh Oh! Messes and Muddles (Funny Day)


One day in Teletubbyland, the Teletubbies were watching the clouds float by. A big, fluffy one floated by. A long, thin, whispy one floated by. A little puffy one floated by. And do you know what happened? The Teletubbies didn't know what happened next. The little puffy cloud floated indoors! The Teletubbies went inside and saw all of the cloud. They were surprised and amazed. It was time for tubby custard. So they carefully walked through the cloud to the tubby custard machine without their bibs. Tinky-Winky went first after he threw some of the cloud off the machine. He got his tubby custard and walked to the table. The Teletubbies found it rather inconvenient having a cloud indoors. He threw the cloud off of his seat and sat down. Dipsy went next and he went to the table with some of the cloud around his belly like a tu tu. Then Po went next with the cloud stuck to her elbow. Then Laa-Laa, who tried to remove the cloud from her foot. Before she could, she spilled all of her tubby custard on the floor. And then, the Noo-Noo cleaned up the tubby custard, he even cleaned up the cloud. But all that custard and all that cloud were getting very mixed up inside the Noo-Noo. He blew the pink tubby custard cloud outside. The Teletubbies ran outside to see the cloud float away. Bye-bye, special pink tubby custard cloud. The Teletubbies said "bye-bye" to the cloud as it disappears.


  • In the VHS, the Magic House replaced The Jumping Dance.
  • This is the first segment where the Teletubbies don't wear their bibs when they make tubby custard. The others were Tinky-Winky's Breakfast, Dipsy's Breakfast, Laa-Laa's Breakfast and Po's Breakfast.
  • The segment also appeared in the US Version of Painting Easter Eggs after the rabbits song, and the US Version of Ice Lollipops, with Normal Magic Windmill Animation for Magical Event after this segment where the Pink Tubby Custard Cloud floats away.

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