Teletubbies Pebbles - Full Episode

Teletubbies Pebbles - Full Episode

The Teletubbies walk around the tree and the windmill starts to spin when they watch two boys and two girls pick up pebbles to create a smile face in the sand with their dad. Later, in Teletubbyland, It Was Time for Tubby Toast, But The Tubby Toast Machine Wouldn't Work. So Tinky-Winky Tried It Again But It Still Wouldn't Work. So He Tried It Again But It Beeped 3 Times, But Then The Tubby Toast Made 3 Tubby Toasts for 4 Teletubbies. (The Tubby Toast Has Made a Happy Pattern On The Table). Then The Teletubbies Do The Stretching Dance, And Then The Magic Windmill stopped spinning as The Tubby Bye-Bye Takes Place.

Featuring: Eloise Casey, Harry Fellows, Aisha Merrick, Jordan Yahya

Plot (US Version)

The Teletubbies run round and round a tree and then watch some children make a pattern in the sand. The tubby toast makes a pattern on the table and then they all dance a bouncy dance


  • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby
  • Tinky Winky was the boo shouter