Inside the house, Dipsy comes in to say 'Eh-oh!'. Then he runs back out to fetch the other Teletubbies. They all come inside to say 'Eh-oh!' Then they bump their tummies before giving Big Hugs. Then the magic windmill starts spinning and they rush out to watch Andy Brown and some children looking at peacocks. Then the windmill spins again and the Teletubbies watch the Magic Tree.Then a voice trumpet rises and Laa Laa and Po march to the music and the "Tubby Bye-Bye" sequence takes place.

Featuring: Andy Brown with Harriet Spilsbury and Philip Taylor


  • Dipsy was the missing teletubby in UK Version.
  • Laa Laa was the boo shouter in UK Version.


Teletubbies- Peacocks - HD Video

Teletubbies- Peacocks - HD Video