Teletubbies 39

Teletubbies 39

The Teletubbies love dancing, but they love children even more. They stop dancing when they see the Magic Windmill spinning and they go to watch some children
painting in a most unusual way. Back at the Home Hill, Tinky-Winky discovers a trail of Tubby Custard footprints. He follows the trail and meets Dipsy and Laa-Laa. The trail leads Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa Laa all around Teletubbyland to find out who Spilled The Tubby Custard. After the Teletubbies found out it was Po who Spilled The Tubby Custard, they rush outside to watch the Magical Event. The Teletubbies see a magic roundabout coming down from the sky and inside the roundabout is a teddy bear who dances. After the teddy bear finishes his dance, the Magic Windmill stops spinning and it is time for Tubby Bye Bye.
Teletubbies- Painting with our Hands and Feet - HD Video

Teletubbies- Painting with our Hands and Feet - HD Video

Featuring: Ella & Lilly Ainsworth, Emma Beaumont, Christopher Chavez, Rebecca Goldberg, Edward Grant, Saeka Hirari, Tom Jewitt, Daisy & Ned Keogh, Jack Murray, Samantha Nguitgeu, Amy Pittorino, Hartej Ranvanda, Ben Shepherd, Tomas Shepherd, Roisheen Smith, Charlie Snell, Pheobe Syms and Rupinder Vig

Plot (US Version)

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po follow a trail of funny footprints that have appeared in Teletubbyland,

then The Magic Windmill starts spinning and then they run off to watch some children using their hands and feet to paint.

In Home Hill, it is time for Tubby Custard. When Po can't stop the custard machine, after she made the Tubby Custard flood, the Noo Noo tidies up all the Tubby Custard after Po turns off the Tubby Custard machine. Clever Noo Noo. The Teletubbies hug the Noo Noo before Tubby Bye Bye sequence take place.


  • This is the first episode to feature The Tap Dancing Teddy Bear.
  • When the Teletubbies go to watch the Tap Dancing Teddy Bear, the scene of the sun is missing.
  • In the USA version, the segment "Who Spilled the Tubby Custard?" was however replaced by "Tubby Custard Flood".
  • The boo shouter was Po in UK Version. Laa Laa was the boo shouter in US Version.
  • The missing teletubby was Tinky Winky in UK Version.
  • The UK Version has The Tap Dancing Teddy Bear. The US Version has no Magical Event.