Mummy turning on the paddling pool

Mummy turns the tap on for the water for the paddling pool

Sorry I'm Late

The Bear at The 'Scary ' Hill.

Paddling Pool

Children Playing in the Paddling Pool.

In the Teletubbies' Superdome, Dipsy has Tubby Toast and makes some adjustments on the Control Panel, but the Noo Noo tidies up his Tubby Toast. The Windmill spins and the Teletubbies go to watch Amy, Cameron and Alice playing in their paddling pool. Later, the Teletubbies do the Splashing Dance by the Home Hill. Then the Magic Windmill spins and the Teletubbies rush off to watch the Magical Event. The Lion & the Bear appear in Teletubbyland and the Magic Windmill stops spinning. It's time for Tubby Bye Bye.

Featuring: Cameron & Alice Denton and Amy Leigh-Quine

Plot (US Version)

The Teletubbies pop over a hill to say Eh Oh. Then the Magic Windmill starts spinning and then they run to watch Amy, Cameron and Alice playing in their paddling pool. Later,  Then the magic windmill started to spin, Dipsy rushes outside to get the other Teletubbies and see the 3 ships sail through Teletubbyland. Afterwards, the Teletubbies do the Splashing Dance outside the Home Hill before the The Magic Windmill stops spinning and the Tubby Bye-Bye sequence takes place.


  • The scene of Dipsy and Noo Noo was also shown in My Mum's Keyboard except in this episode, it's shorter. In the US Version, the scene after The TV Receiver Event is the same scene from My Mum's Keyboard before The Three Ships. The UK Version has The Magic House (top right window) in the episode My Mum's Keyboard.
  • The US Version has The Three Ships instead of The Lion and the Bear because they're banned in the US, The Splashing Dance was added after The Three Ships, and The Magic Windmill Stopping Animation was also added after The Splashing Dance.
  • The Orange ball in the pool resembles Laa-Laa's Ball.
  • The UK version has the rabbit song (same version from Swimming With Stephanie), when it ends, the camera cuts to the opening shot Right Path 1.
  • The Teletubbies remain sitting on the hill after the The Lion and Bear  sketch. However, when they see the The Magic Windmill, the windmill freezes and it immediately fades to Tubby Bye-Bye.
    • The same thing happens in Big Hug!.
    • The boo shouter was Tinky Winky in the UK version.The boo shouter was Dipsy in the US version.
    • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby in UK Version. Tinky Winky was the missing teletubby in US Version.
    • After The Splashing Dance, the camera cuts to The Magic Windmill where it stops spinning (instead of The Baby Sun giggling) and then it fades to the Voice Trumpet rising up for Tubby Bye-Bye.

Watch Episode

Teletubbies- Paddling Pool (Season 3, Episode 58)23:47

Teletubbies- Paddling Pool (Season 3, Episode 58)

UK Only

Teletubbies Paddling Pool23:47

Teletubbies Paddling Pool

Outside the UK

Teletubbies Nederlands- In Het Zwembadje23:44

Teletubbies Nederlands- In Het Zwembadje


Teletabiai - 88 serija (LT)23:48

Teletabiai - 88 serija (LT)


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