Noo-Noo Stretches Po's Blanket is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in the episode Buying a Sari and the UK version of Naughty Noo-Noo!.


One day in Teletubbyland, all the Teletubbies were asleep. The Teletubbies were asleep in their beds. The Noo-Noo was tidying up. He starts tidying the Tubby Custard Machine. The Teletubbies went back to sleep. He continues tidying up, by tidying Tinky-Winky's blanket. Look at that, the Noo-Noo tidied up Tinky-Winky's blanket. The Teletubbies woke up and saw that Tinky-Winky's blanket was tidied up by the Noo-Noo. He does the same on Dipsy and Laa-Laa's blankets. Look at that, the Noo-Noo tidied up Dipsy's blanket and Laa-Laa's blanket. He starts to tidy up Po's blanket, but Po didn't want him to. Po didn't want the Noo-Noo to tidy up her blanket. She kept holding on to her blanket. The Noo-Noo kept tidying, Po kept on holding it. They move back and forth with the blanket. Po pulled and pulled and pulled. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa pulled too. They all joined to help Po pull the blanket. Everybody pulled. As the Teletubbies kept pulling, the blanket stretched longer and longer and longer. And then, the Noo-Noo gave up, let go of the blanket and the Teletubbies fell over. Look at that, Po's blanket is very, very long. Po's blanket had strecthed. Po's blanket had stretched so much, that it was long enough for the Teletubbies to sleep in. The Teletubbies went to sleep. Teletubbies love to share, and Teletubbies love each other very much. They got up to have a big hug.

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