Funny Lady.

Po comes out of the house on her scooter, then she goes back inside and fetches the other Teletubbies to say 'Eh-Oh'. The Teletubbies watch Funny Lady tell a story about a Naughty Soap. Po wakes up to wash herself with her Tubby Sponge. But her Tubby Sponge is stuck in it's case. She tries to pull it out and it lands in front of the Noo-Noo. Noo-Noo tidies up Po's Tubby Sponge and she chases him. Then the Noo-Noo washes Po with the Tubby Sponge. When Po is all clean, the Noo-Noo shoots the Tubby Sponge back into it's case and Po gives Noo-Noo a Big Hug.

Featuring: Tamzin Griffin, The Children of Chater Infants School, Watford


  • This is the last episode where the Tubby Sponges are used.
  • Tinky Winky was the missing teletubby.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter.


Teletubbies- Naughty Soap - HD Video

Teletubbies- Naughty Soap - HD Video