Naughty Snake



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Vic Finch

Andrew Davenport




Guessing Game

 Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa run over a Hill to say Eh-Oh, but where's Po? Then they hear the Magic Windmill spinning and they go to watch a group of children watch Tamzin Griffin pretend to be Funny Lady and tell the story of the Naughty Snake. Then, inside the Superdome, It's Po's day for being naughty, she walks round and round the House very noisily, she goes up and down the slide too many times and runs in and out through the doors too many times, and Voice Trumpets describe her every move. But in the end, even though she was being naughty, the Teletubbies still love Po very much .The Teletubbies do the Round and Round dance before Tubby Bye-Bye.

Featuring: Tamzin Griffin, The Children of Chater Infants School


  • This is the first episode where Simon Shelton plays Tinky Winky. Dave Thompson plays him in the opening segment and then Simon Shelton in the Naughty Po segment.
  • Laa Laa Was The Boo Shouter.
  • Dipsy was the missing Teletubby.


Teletubbies Naughty Snake - HD Video24:32

Teletubbies Naughty Snake - HD Video

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