The Teletubbies pop up from behind a hill and say 'Boo!'. Then they watch Funny Lady tell a story about a naughty sausage. Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po go for a walk. While they're gone, Laa-Laa decides to dance a secret dance. But every time the other Teletubbies come back, she pretends to be asleep. They eventually realise that she's not really asleep. So when they go out again, they watch Laa-Laa from the window. When she sees the other Teletubbies outside the window, she performs her secret dance for them and the Noo-Noo.

Featuring: Tamzin Griffin with The Children of Chater Infants School, Watford

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★Teletubbies English Episodes★ Naughty Sausage ★ Full Episode - HD (S06E150)

★Teletubbies English Episodes★ Naughty Sausage ★ Full Episode - HD (S06E150)

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  • This episode re-uses the opening segment form Haymaking.
  • Po was the missing Teletubby.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter.


  • Due to the opening segment being re-used from Haymaking, when the windmill starts spinning, the sparkles appear, then they disappear when the Teletubbies say 'Uh-Oh!', then reappear after they run away.