The Teletubbies do a dance before the Teletubbies watch two children making music with a saucepan. Tinky Winky hears a noise coming from inside the house and he goes inside to investigate. The noise was Po making Tubby Custard. There was a sound coming from inside again, so Dipsy went to see and it was Tinky Winky and Po jumping up and down on seats. Laa Laa heard a noise coming from the house and it was the other Teletubbies eating Tubby Custard.

Featuring: Sarah and Georgina Holder


  • Po was the boo shouter in UK Version.
  • There are 2 rare Windmill clips when the dance segment ends(when the Teletubbies enter the house and it begins whooshing without sparkles(look in the upper right corner when the door shuts after the Teletubbies enter the house then cuts to the rare Birds Eye View animation with Sparkles appearing when it begins)


Teletubbies Full Episodes - Making Music Episode 29423:44

Teletubbies Full Episodes - Making Music Episode 294

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