Making Friends



Air Date

9 November 2015


Jack Jameson


Bubbles (Russia)


Watering Can

Making friends

Making Friends is the very first episode of the 2015 series of Teletubbies.


"The Teletubbies say 'eh-oh' to each other in turn and then say 'eh-oh' to flowers, whilst the children in Tummy Tales make a friendship circle out of handprints."


  • Po was both the missing teletubby and the boo shouter but Laa Laa said goodbye for a final time.
  • This is the episode that started the 2015 series, as well as the first aired in 2015 and the first to include the CGI-animated Teletubbyland.
  • This episode was aired in the United States on May 30, 2016.
  • This is also the first ever episode directed by Jack Jameson.
  • This was the first new episode of the series since the 2001 episode Bubbles (Russia).

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