The Teletubbies wake up to a voice trumpet making jingle bell sounds. They run around the house pretending to do sleigh riding. Then they watch some children making Christmas cards. A Christmas present for Laa-Laa has lovely decorations. Laa-Laa is very pleased with her present. She decides to show Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po. But then the Noo-Noo tidies them up. After the Teletubbies chase him, the decorations feel very tickly inside the Noo-Noo. So he blows them out and the house is now decorated. The Teletubbies think it's very festive and they give Noo-Noo a Big Hug.

Featuring: Naomi Adeniji, Desmond, Ella & Lilly Ainsworth and Saalim Koomar

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Teletubbies- Making Christmas Cards (1997)

Teletubbies- Making Christmas Cards (1997)