Teletubbies Magical Surprises is a Teletubbies video and DVD released by BBC and Ragdoll Productions. This is probably the rarest Teletubbies video and DVD ever.


Featuring: Kevin & Kirsten Jarin, Jay Simpson and Camille St. Omer; Simone Selandy and Sacha Ajim Raphael; Isobel Stocker, Jonti Siva-Jothy and Dennis Ashton


  • This is the only video to have 3 Magical Events.
  • This is the only video to have a Magical Event before a TV Event.
  • This video isn't very well known making it extremely rare.
  • Po was the 'boo' shouter.
  • Tinky Winky was the missing teletubby.


Teletubbies - Magical Surprises

Teletubbies - Magical Surprises