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Teletubbies Deutsch Backe, Backe Kuchen Kinderreime HQ

Little Miss Muffet is a fun Teletubbies segment. It is featured in the episode Building a Barbecue and the video Nursery Rhymes. A Pink Fluffy Toy Spider appears from far away, it frightens the flowers until they realize it's only a toy, then it disappears. When Laa-Laa arrives with a bowl of Tubby Custard and her yellow bib, she says "Eh-oh!" and sits to eat her Tubby Custard. A voice trumpet rises and says the Nursery Rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet'. Laa-Laa says "Little Miss Laa-Laa sat on tuffet eating Tubby Custard" and is about to eat her Tubby Custard, but when the Pink Spider sits down beside her, she is giggly scared by giggly saying "Uh-oh!" and runs away with her Tubby Custard. Then Dipsy and Tinky-Winky come with a turquoise bib and a magenta bib and say "Eh-oh!" and they are ready to eat their Tubby Custard. The Voice trumpet rises and says the rhyme, after the Pink Spider appears again and sits down beside them, the boys are scared and run off. Last, Po rides her scooter and parks it and arrives with her red bib. She says "Eh-oh!" to the viewers and then sits down to eat her Tubby Custard and says "Little Miss Po sat on tuffet eating Tubby Custard". Suddenly, the voice trumpet says the rhyme again and the Pink Spider sits beside her, but Po is not scared of him and will "frighten spider away" instead. She bravely uses her fighting moves four times and scares him away and says "Bye-Bye, Spider" and then she giggles so that he will never come back ever again and is very proud of her for scaring the spider away. Then the Windmill stops spinning.

In Nursery Rhymes the Windmill spinning is removed.

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