The Teletubbbies Everywhere segment features the number 3 with Laa-Laa, Po makes a triangle, the Teletubbies running, the color yellow with Dipsy, the film from Taiwan features some children wearing traditional Chinese clothes, and dancing in Chinese lion costumes, which Tinky Winky gets picked for, and the Teletubbies running some more. In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky & Dipsy jump inside the house before the Magic Windmill spins, then they go find Laa-Laa & Po to watch a boy named Michael Bond make 2 tortillas. 1 for himself, and 1 for his mom. Tinky Winky sets the table for Tubby Toast, but while he calls the others, the Noo-Noo tidies it all up. The Teletubbies chase him around Home Hill. Po makes some more, and they all eat it very quickly.


Po is the missing teletubby.

Dipsy is the boo shouter.

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