IMG 2911

Larette tapping dancing in her garden.

Larette Tritton is a character from Teletubbies. She is a little girl who only appears in "Larette Tap Dancing." She also only appears in TV Events. She loves to tap dance for the Teletubbies and the viewers. Like the other TV Event characters, she loves the Teletubbies.


IMG 4626-5-

Larette getting her tap shoes.

IMG 4630(9)

Larette going down the hall.

IMG 4631-99-

Larette's hallway and kitchen.

IMG 4627-9-

Larette going upstairs.

IMG 4628-19-

Larette going downstairs with her tap shoes.

IMG 4629-10-

Close up on Larette's face.

IMG 4610-2-

Larette goes into the playroom.

IMG 4611-9-

Larette blowing a kiss to the viewers.

Larette Tap Dancing

Larette's hallway stiars.

IMG 4589-1-

Larette's mom helping her with her tap shoes.

IMG 4588-1-

Larette's playroom.

Larette tap dancing

Larette waving goodbye.

IMG 4587-1-

Larette's tap shoes.

IMG 4608-1-

Larette going into the house.

IMG 4586-1-

Larette showing her tap shoes.