Laa-Laa preparing to catch her big orange ball.

Laa-Laa Keeps Losing Her Ball is a segment in Teletubbies. It was featured in the episode, Colors - Orange.


On a cloudy and sunny afternoon, Laa-Laa walks around Teletubbyland carrying her favorite orange ball which is why orange is one of Laa-Laa's favorite colors. She stops and says "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. She begins bouncing and playing with her ball saying, "Laa-Laa Ball Orange!" She throws her ball up high, but fails to catch it, as it bounces somewhere else. Laa-Laa chases after it.

Meanwhile, Tinky-Winky walks around Teletubbyland and stops saying "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. While he admires his cherry red bag, he hears something bouncing, and it appears to be Laa-Laa's ball. Laa-Laa is still chasing after the ball, and after awhile carries it within her hands and places it on the ground. Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa greet theirselves with an "Eh-Oh!" Laa-Laa begins to play with her ball until she throws it sky high. Unfortunately, she never caught it and she began chasing after it again, only to let Tinky-Winky laugh and giggle at her misfortune. He then says, "Uh Oh!"

Dipsy walks down a path while wearing his black and snow white-camo hat. He begins to sing his song about his hat until he hears something bouncing. It was Laa-Laa's ball bouncing in front of him, and Laa-Laa tries to catch it. She eventually catches it and holds the ball on her hand. She places it on the ground and says "Eh-Oh!" to Dipsy, to which responded "Eh-Oh!" back. She begins playing and bouncing her ball until she throws it up high in the sky. Laa-Laa still didn't catch it and begins chasing her ball once again. Dipsy says, "Uh Oh!" as the Baby Sun giggles.

At a garden, Po rides her bright pink and royal blue scooter and eventually brakes to stop by and say "Eh-Oh!" She admires her riding machine until she hears a bouncing sound coming out of nowhere. Laa-Laa's ball bounces in front of her, and Laa-Laa begins chasing after it. She later places her ball down on the ground and says "Eh-Oh!" to Po. She responded back. Laa-Laa plays and bounces her ball until she catches it. Still, Laa-Laa couldn't catch it, and she chases after it again. Po then says, "Uh Oh!" and then she giggles.

At that place where the Home Hill is at, the ball bounces. Laa-Laa chases after it. But the ball bounces to the left. Laa-Laa chases after it again. However, Laa-Laa couldn't find it, and asked the audience, "Where'd it go?" She hears something falling, and that was her ball! Laa-Laa successfully catches it while it was up high in the sky! Laa-Laa admires her ball and begins playing and bouncing.

Little does she know, the show was almost over, as she hears the Magic Windmill spinning, but eventually stops in place. She says, "Uh Oh!" and begins fetching the other Teletubbies to go to the destination where Tubby Bye-Bye takes place.(The Round And Round dance replaces the windmill freeze in the US)

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