Laa-Laa Dances With Her Ball is a segment that appeared in Painting Easter Eggs.


One day, on a cloudy and sunny day in Teletubbyland, Laa-Laa comes walking down the path near the Tubbytronic Superdome, wearing the skirt, and stops and says "Eh-Oh" to the viewers. Then, the narrator says, "One day, in Teletubbyland, Laa-Laa dances with her ball." Laa-Laa gasps with excitement as she says "Oooh, Laa-Laa dancy ball!" She steps back and does a ballet pose as her ball comes bouncing to her as she catches it. Then, Laa-Laa does a dance while holding her ball, then she throws it up in air while she keeps dancing until she catches it again. She keeps doing it again and again until she throws her ball up in the air, too high up in the sky. After she dances again, Laa-Laa tries to look up, reaching her hands up, and waiting for her ball to be catched, but it doesn't come back down. She tries again, but her ball still hasn't come back down. Once again, she keeps dancing until she tries again for a third time and a fourth time, but her ball STILL doesn't come back down. Laa-Laa gets a little frustrated as she came up to the viewers and asked, "Where ball?" Finally, at last, her ball comes flying through the air and she catches it. While holding her ball, she takes bow after the dance is over. Then suddenly, the Magic Windmill starts to spin for a the Magic Tree, after Laa-Laa sees it, she says "Uh-Oh!" So, she puts her ball down, takes off the skirt, and runs to join the others.


A Segment very similar to this appeared in the episode Living in Flats only it was shorter and didn't have Laa-Laa throwing her ball in the air waiting for it to come down.

This segment was also featured in the episodes: