Laa-Laa's Bouncy Ball is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in the episode Gymnastics and in the VHS/DVD Favourite Things. 


Inside the house, Po is eating Tubby Toast when she hears a funny noise. Laa-Laa comes into the house with her ball. She has come to play with her ball indoors. She throws the ball around the house a few times. But then when she tries to catch it, she misses it and it starts bouncing around the house and even knocks Po off of her seat. Laa-Laa starts chasing the ball trying to catch it. Po then decides to help Laa-Laa catch the ball and starts chasing it as well. Then Tinky Winky comes into the house and the ball bounces past him. He decides to help Laa-Laa and Po catch the ball and starts chasing it as well. While they're trying to catch the ball, Dipsy is sleeping in bed. When he wakes up, the ball bounces off of his head. He decides to help the others catch the ball and starts chasing it. Suddenly, the ball bounces towards Noo-Noo and he catches it and tidies it up. Naughty Noo-Noo! The Teletubbies chase the Noo-Noo around the house. Then Noo-Noo blows the ball out and Laa-Laa catches it. The Teletubbies chase the Noo-Noo again for a Big Hug. The Teletubbies love the Noo-Noo very much. Then the windmill starts spinning, the Teletubbies say 'Uh-Oh!' and leave the house. The windmill stops spinning for Tubby Bye-Bye.

Alternate Ending

In Favourite Things, the Tubby Bye-Bye sequence was replaced with the Three Ships.