Kites are one of the Teletubbies' objects. Each of the kites is the same color of their fur. Tinky Winky's is bright purple (like the color of him and one of his favorite colors), Dipsy's is lime green (like the color of him because green is Dipsy's most favorite color), Laa-Laa's is sunflower yellow (like the color of her as well as one of her favorite colors) and Po's is rosy red (like the color of her and one of her favorite colors). When Po once had to carry all of
Whats that021

The Teletubbies flying their kites.

the other Teletubbies kites, she went up and up and up with her kite and the others when the wind blew her into the sky. She went over the flowers and rabbits and the others and then went down and down and down.