King Pleasure

King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys are a band shown on Teletubbies. They love to play Nursery Rhymes for children and for the Teletubbies. They are in episodes that usually are titled with a Nursery Rhyme. They make five episode appearances.

Episode Appearances

  • The Grand Old Duke of York (first appearance)
  • See-Saw
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Hickory Dickory Dock (last appearance)
  • Nursery Rhymes (The Grand Old Duke of York and Hickory Dickory Dock)
  • Bedtime (Hey Diddle Diddle)



  • King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys are also shown performing in concerts off of Teletubbies.
  • King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys along with the Funny Lady are the best known Teletubbies TV Event .
  • When King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys sing a Nursery Rhyme, they come up with original lyrics to avoid repeating the same verse over and over again.
  • The first four episodes featuring King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys featured the longest running Biscuit Boy, Chris Shirley, and previous Biscuit Boys, Al Gare and Jonny Boston. In addition, their black and white spectator shoes were shown.
  • Their first four appearances were filmed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Their last appearance was filmed at the Chuckery School in Walsall, England.
  • On all of their appearances, previous Biscuit Boys Paul AllinPaul Martin, and Dean Beresford were absent, and the only Biscuit Boy who appeared on those episodes was Danny McCormack, who is a previous Biscuit Boy.
  • King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys featuring the current Biscuit Boys John Battrum, Craig Sunderland, Matt Foundling, and Gary Barber (who joined the band between 1999 and 2008) performed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with the remaining two founding members on July 15, 2012 as a part of the 2012 Brum Jazz Festival.
  • At the time of their appearances, the band was consisted of seven Biscuit Boys, being an eight member lineup. Now, the band is consisted of five Biscuit Boys, being a six member lineup.

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