Jess Smith (Original Sun Baby)

Born Jessica Grace Smith in England, 1995, she played the Original Sun Baby in the children's series Teletubbies. Now 22, Jess is getting recognised still, and is world famous at this moment. She made the reveal during a recent game with her college friends.

Personal Life

Smith is currently a freshman at Canterbury Christ Church University. After surprising pals, she later confirmed her famous role on Facebook. She has been met by other famous stars such as Holly Willoughby.

Her Role

One day, Jess was being weighed at the hospital when on that same day the Teletubbies Producer was looking for smiley, giggling babies to use for the sun when the show first aired. They put a mirror and camera in front of Jess while she was sat in a highchair. She watched her dad and laughed at him, as he was playing with toy cars. Unfortunately, her role ended in 2014. There is now a Teletubbies reboot with a new sun face, Berry.

1419375551 jess-smith-teletubbies-zoom

This is Jess at 9 months, playing a sun baby.


Jess Smith, the sun baby, now! Can you see a resemblance?