Teletubbies: It's Time To Run Around!

It's Time To Run Around! is a Teletubbies VHS tape that features the episode Running. It is a rare VHS. In this VHS children run along the beach, making footprints in the sand!  and the teletubbies do a falling down dance, Then after the dance, a house appears. Then the windmill freezes immediately after the house event and it's Tubby Bye Bye

Opening Sequence

  1. FBI Warning


  1. Dipsy Runs All Over Teletubbyland
  2. Running On the Beach
  3. The Teletubbies Wonder Why Dipsy Is Running
  4. Falling Down Dance
  5. The Magic House (Bottom Right Window)
  6. Windmill Freezes
  7. Tubby Bye-Bye


This VHS Tape has the "Spinny Ride" Magic Windmill closeup and is also the only VHS/DVD Release of that closeup.

This is the only VHS/DVD Release that has a fade effect after the Magic House, the fade transitions to the Magic Windmill about to stop spinning.

Teletubbies Running (US Version)-226:43

Teletubbies Running (US Version)-2

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