In the Teletubbies Everywhere segment, it shows 5 Laa-Laa's, Dipsy in a sparkly background,Tinky Winky and Po making a star, and then Laa-Laa gets a video transition that features two girls doing an Indian dance, following that, the Teletubbies all gather a big hug. Back at Teletubbyland, Dipsy is seen dancing outside, Laa-Laa dancing in the house with tubby custard, and Tinky Winky and Po dancing outside the house. Then, they dance a Happy Dance, and then The Singing Puppet Man appears, and he sings on the bottom right window of his house, and then the Magic Windmill stops spinning and its time for Tubby Bye Bye.


Laa-Laa is the 'boo' shouter.

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