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Hey Diddle Diddle is a segment featured in the episode Hey Diddle Diddle and in the video Nursery Rhymes.
Teletubbies - Hey Diddle Diddle (UK Narration)-008:33

Teletubbies - Hey Diddle Diddle (UK Narration)-0


Laa-Laa is seen having Tubby Toast, until she sees the audience. She then stops eating and say "Eh Oh!" The narrator begins to tell the story as Laa-Laa returns to eating her Tubby Toast. Just then, a Voice Trumpet appears, and Laa-Laa stops eating once again. As Laa-Laa begins to listen, The Voice Trumpet sings a operatic nursery rhyme known as, "Hey Diddle Diddle." Laa-Laa enjoys this musical tune, and wants to hear it again, but now she wants to listen near the voice trumpet. Once done, Laa-Laa wants to dance to this classical rhyme. The tune was hilarious to her, as she falls down laughing hysterically. She stands up afterwards, and runs around the Superdome. However, the Noo-Noo sees this, and begins chasing her, joining in.

Finished, Laa-Laa returns to where the Voice Trumpet was, and she hears someone falling down the slide. It was Dipsy! He begins his entrance saying "Eh Oh!", then dashes to Laa-Laa whom saying Laa-Laa "Eh Oh!" with. Laa-Laa says "Eh Oh!" back. They do a Big Hug to each other, and perform an Armless Hug (Shaking their back and their front with Bell sounds once doing so). Dipsy is curious what Laa-Laa was doing. She replies by demonstrating him a dance from the tune. Throughout the demonstration, Dipsy is concerned about this (even when Laa-Laa laughs!), As he sees Laa-Laa running once the tune was finished, Dipsy begins chasing her to his excitement. They ran, until Noo-Noo joins them. Once done with the running, they give a Big Hug to each other.

Now, Dipsy and Laa-Laa hear someone coming down the slide. And it was Tinky-Winky! He then says "Eh Oh!" to the audience, then to Dipsy and Laa-Laa. The narrator tells that Tinky Winky is viewing Laa-Laa's dance, who passed it on to Dipsy. They then demonstrate. Tinky-Winky enjoys their dance and joins them when Laa-Laa and Dipsy ran after the tune. When they pass the half of their house, the Noo-Noo chases them once again.

As they stop running, they hear someone coming down the slide. Po! She then does her entrance, and says "Eh Oh!" to the trio. She then asks what's going on. The trio then demonstrates. As the trio falls with laughter, Po thinks that the demonstration was hilarious. She then joins the trio on the chase afterwards. Then once done, they all give a Big Hug. But one more guest arrives. Noo-Noo!

The narrator tells everyone to do the dance, as he thinks that they know the cycle to all of this. The cycle repeats, and the Teletubbies all do a Big Hug. They want to do it again, but that was enough for the day, as the Teletubbies are very disappointed (The Noo-Noo too!). But the five know the reason (Teletubbies plus the Noo-Noo), as they see the Magic Windmill, signifying the end of the segment. The Teletubbies all perform their famous quote, "Uh Oh!" and then run as they're like chasing each other after the "Hey Diddle Diddle" tune, while Noo-Noo returns to his duty cleaning the Superdome. They run to their usual destination, but unfortunately, it turns out that it alerts them that the show will be over.

Alternate Ending

The Teletubbies run, as they go to their destination, removing the rare windmill clip, listening to the sound for the Magical Event which is the Magic Tree. This also happens in the US version of Hey Diddle Diddle, but the rare Windmill clip is added unlike the one in Nursery Rhymes.

Song Lyrics

Hey Diddle Diddle,

the cat and the fiddle,

the cow jumped over the moon.

The little dog laughed to see such fun,


the dish ran away with the spoon!


  • This is the first time that the Voice Trumpet was an opera singer because the Voice Trumpet uses the opera version of the word "and".
  • The nursery rhyme sung by the Voice Trumpet is sung incorrectly. Instead of "to see such sport," the Voice Trumpet sings "to see such fun".
  • When the Teletubbies go outside before the windmill stops spinning, there are sparkles surrounding the windmill, but as not much sparkles as it has in Animals - Snails. To add this, When the Teletubbies run out of the back door, They are incorrectly shown going out of the Front door when it cuts to the outside.
  • There's a Nick Jr. Face bumper that Face sings "Yes" and "No" in opera, like the Voice Trumpet sings "and" in opera. This bumper is similair to the segment itself.
  • This segment is a musical segment because the Voice Trumpet is singing it so many times.

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