Some voice trumpets rise outside the house and make sheep noises. The Teletubbies watch Matthew, James, and Mark herding sheep. The Teletubbies go in and out, up and down, round the corner and along the top until it is time for tubby custard. The voice trumpet rises and the Teletubbies run outside to do Tubby Bye-Bye.

Featuring: Matthew, James and Mark Carnie


  • Po was the boo shouter.
  • Laa-Laa was the missing Teletubby.
  • The opening segment is re-used from Hickory Dickory Dock, but instead of ticking sounds, the voice trumpets make sheep sounds. When the Magic Windmill spins for the TV Event, the Teletubbies make sheep sounds whilst they are running off.
  • The Herding Sheep video was featured on the Playstation/PC game Play with the Teletubbies.


Teletubbies Herding Sheep - HD Video

Teletubbies Herding Sheep - HD Video