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Happy Weather Stories is released on VHS in 2002.


Po sees a puddle as a reflection (From Colors - Blue)

Kite Flying

Teletubbies favourite things were blown away! (From Land Yachting)


Tinky Winky's special cloud (From Kite Flying)

Teletubbies Happy Weather Stories01:08:13

Teletubbies Happy Weather Stories

Laa-Laa remembered the snow.(From Christmas in Spain)

Snowy Story

Dipsy's magic weather book (From Painting Swings)

Welly Walk

The Magic Rainbow (From Pavement Artist)

Featuring: Kieran Gangaram, Michael Johnson and Rachel Trew, Thomas & Jack Armstrong; The Children of Hunter Mountain; Lewis Reynolds & Mary Duncan


  • This has many modified versions of the Windmill clips.
  • Laa-Laa was the boo shouter
  • The missing teletubby was Dipsy

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