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Funny Lady (Portrayed by Tamzin Griffin) is a nice lady who likes to tell funny stories to some kids and then, give the kids some (imaginary) tea and biscuits. Her best friend is a teddy bear named Teddy. Some stories include: Naughty Snake, Naughty Bee, Naughty Sock, Naughty Sausage and more. Her favourite naughty friend is the Naughty Yellow Cow. Like King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys, Debbie, and the other TV Event characters, she loves children and the Teletubbies.



  • She has been seen as disturbing and creepy to some fans, especially adults, other fans some adults and mostly kids find her to be funny.
  • The Funny Lady along with King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys are the best known Teletubbies TV Event characters.
  • In the USA, the Funny Lady episodes are banned. That's beacuse the Americans are very controversial on this.



The Naughty Buzzy Bee bothering Funny Lady.

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Funny Lady in "Naughty Snake."


Teddy, Funny Lady's best friend.


Funny Lady with the Naughty Buzzy Bee.

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0 (1)
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The Funny Lady in Yellow Cow.

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