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Teletubbies Favourite Things

PBS Kids Teletubbies Favorite Things VHS Video 1 Hr

Teletubbies Favourite Things (titled Favorite Things in the US version) is the 4th volume in the Teletubbies VHS series released in 1998(in the US, it came out in 1999).

51K7H67WHEL. SL500 AA300

UK Favorite Things Cover.

Teletubbies Favorite Things VHS

VHS US Cover

Teletubbies Favourite Things DVD Cover

UK DVD Cover


Tubbies Looking Everywhere (From Josie's Pots)

Paddling Pool

Laa-Laa's Bouncy Ball (from Gymnastics)

The Three Ships

Songs in Tinky Winky's Bag (from Bell Ringing)

A Song All About Dipsy's Hat (from Mark and Zoe Cooking)

Bumping Dance

The Very Busy Teletubbies (from Naughty Bee)

Ned's Bicycle

Where's Po's Scooter? (from Naughty Bee, extended version, short version from Emily and the Trap)

Featuring: Ned & Nigel Frost, Cameron and Alice Denton and Amy Leigh-Quine


  • Tinky-Winky was both the missing Teletubby and the boo shouter.
  • In the US VHS release, the end credits are missing.

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