Tinky Winky and Dipsy after finding Tinky Winky's mouth.

Eyes, Mouth, Nose, and Ears is a segment in Teletubbies. The segment was featured in the episode, Clay.


Inside the Tubbytronic Superdome, we first see the Noo-Noo tidying up the Home Hill. Eventually, Dipsy arrives by sliding down the pink slide. He sees the audience and says, "Eh-Oh!"

The narrator says that Dipsy has two eyes. Dipsy tries to find his eyes by looking everywhere all over his body. He eventually finds his eyes by counting 1 and 2. A jingle that ends with a piano synth plays, indicating that Dipsy found his eyes. The narrator says that Dipsy has a mouth. Dipsy looks everywhere until he finds his mouth. The jingle plays again, but this time, pitched. As the Noo-Noo watches, the narrator says that Dipsy has a nose. Dipsy looks all over his body, his hands, his shoulders, until he finds his nose. The jingle plays again, but pitched even more. The narrator says that Dipsy has two ears. Dipsy looks everywhere, until he finds his ears. The jingle plays once again, and pitched. The Noo-Noo watched, feeling impressed.

Dipsy hears someone, and it turns out it was Tinky Winky. He goes down the slide and says "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. Dipsy says "Eh-Oh!" to Tinky Winky, and Tinky Winky replied back with an "Eh-Oh!" Then, the narrator says that Tinky Winky has two eyes. Dipsy points at his eyes, and Tinky Winky finds them. The jingle plays, but this time, it has a different major pitch, there's a drum key, it adds an extra note at the end, and the jingle ends with a cymbal clap. The narrator then says that Tinky Winky has a mouth. Dipsy points at his mouth, and Tinky Winky finds his mouth. Tinky Winky jumps in joy as the jingle plays once again, but pitched. The narrator says that Tinky Winky has a nose. Dipsy finds Tinky Winky's nose, and Tinky Winky sees his nose. The jingle plays again high-pitched, as Tinky Winky jumps in joy. The narrator then says that Tinky Winky has two ears. Dipsy finds them, and Tinky Winky sees them. The jingle plays again, with the notes pitched even more. Tinky Winky says goodbye to Dipsy, and Dipsy says goodbye back. Tinky Winky exits the Home Hill by using the front door, and Dipsy waits as the Noo-Noo waits as well.

Dipsy hears someone singing and is coming down the slide. It's Laa-Laa sliding down! Laa-Laa gets up and says "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. She sees Dipsy and comes to his side. Dipsy says "Eh-Oh!" to her, and she says "Eh-Oh!" to him. The narrator says that Laa-Laa has two eyes. Dipsy finds her eyes by counting to two. Laa-Laa points to her eyes by counting to two as well. There is an entirely different jingle for Laa-Laa. The narrator says that Laa-Laa has a mouth. Dipsy points at her mouth, and Laa-Laa finds her mouth. The jingle plays, but pitched more. The narrator then says that Laa-Laa has a nose. Dipsy points her nose, and she finds it. The jingle plays again, and is pitched higher. And the narrator says that Laa-Laa has two ears. Laa-Laa looks everywhere for her ears, and Dipsy points to her ears counting to two. Laa-Laa finds them, and counts to two as well. The jingle plays once again with pitched notes. Laa-Laa says goodbye to Dipsy, and Dipsy says goodbye to Laa-Laa back. She goes out the front door, and he waits along with the Noo-Noo...

Dipsy hears someone saying, "Fi-dit, fi-dit!" It was Po sliding down the pink slide! However, she has Dipsy's hat on! Po says "Eh-Oh!" to the audience, then says "Eh-Oh!" to Dipsy, whom responded back. The narrator exclaims, "Naughty Po!" Dipsy says it too, and so did Po. Po tries to run away, but Dipsy chases her saying "Naughty Po!" in the process. Dipsy chases Po around the Home Hill, and eventually, Dipsy doesn't find her and does not know where she is. Then, Dipsy got an idea...

Dipsy shouts, "Big Hug!" and Po runs to Dipsy, wanting a big hug from him. Po takes off Dipsy's hat, and the two Teletubbies give a big hug to each other. Apparently, Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa heard Dipsy and wanted a big hug too, so they went to the front door and give Dipsy and Po a big hug. It was really long, so Dipsy got out of the circle and wore his hat by using his antenna to grab it. They all give another big hug until they hear the Magic Windmill spinning. As they look through the windows, it appears that the Magic Windmill is about to stop spinning (mainly because of the sound it makes when the windmill stops spinning). The Teletubbies say "Uh Oh!" and run outside for Tubby Bye-Bye. Dipsy takes off his hat by using his antenna, and the front door closes after the Magic Windmill stops spinning. Tubby Bye-Bye was about to begin...



The Magic Windmill is stops spinning sound without the Magic Windmill stops spinning animation before Tubby Bye Bye.

*This is one of the few times the Magic Windmill spins and the windmill freezing clip is not shown and cuts straight to Tubby Bye-Bye right after the Teletubbies run to their usual destination. The other time you'll see this happening is Feeding the Chickens (which does not go straight to the Tubby Bye-Bye sequence, but instead the Baby Sun), Numbers - Six, Penguins, Cricket

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