Ella Ainsworth is a character from Teletubbies. She only appears in the TV Events. Like the other TV Event characters, she loves the Teletubbies. She is the older sister of Lilly, daughter of Mr. Ainsworth, and granddaughter of Desmond Ainsworth.



  • Our Dog Alice (last appearance)
  • Uh Oh! Messes & Muddles (Painting with Hands and Feet)
  • Happy Christmas from the Teletubbies (Making Christmas Cards)


  • Three of her friends (Kai, Guy & Anastasia) appeared in Making Flowers, but also their only appearances. Also, her little sister Lilly Ainsworth was absent.
  • In the TV Series, she made four episode appearances.
  • Her grandad, Desmond Ainsworth, and two of her friends, Naomi and Saalim, only appeared in Making Christmas Cards.