Conga Line

The Teletubbies performing the Conga Line dance.

Eh-Oh! 2 is a segment in Teletubbies. It first appeared in the episode, Painting With Hands and Feet.


The Teletubbies are dancing in a conga line while bongos, flutes, and other woodwind instruments play a tropical tune of Teletubbies. While the Teletubbies dance in a conga line, they're singing the Teletubbies tune (they're actually singing the ditty of "Say, hello!"). The Teletubbies say "Eh-Oh!" to the audience while dancing. Moments later, they leave.

It turns out the Teletubbies were still dancing in a conga line, as they turned around and start over. This time, the xylophone comes in and the tune plays in a different pitch. The Teletubbies sing to the key, and they laugh as all of them are gone. 

The Teletubbies say, "Eh-Oh!" up close. But they hear the Magic Windmill spinning. They say, "Uh Oh!" and leave for the TV Receiver sequence.


  • The Opening Shot of this segment has a different tune. Instead of the tune with the extended opening and the bells chiming in a different key, the tune plays the bells chiming in the beginning.
  • In Snails, the Voice Trumpet rises for Tubby Bye-Bye instead of the Windmill spinning.

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