Teletubbies The Telescope07:23

Teletubbies The Telescope


Dipsy looking through the telescope.

Dipsy and the Telescope is a segment in Teletubbies. It was featured in the episode, Photo Faces and the US Version of Walking in the Woods.


A telescope appears one day in Teletubbyland. Dipsy walks around but stops and looks at the telescope. Dipsy walks towards the telescope, then sings a song about it.

Dipsy looks through the telescope. He could see the flowers. He was amazed. He looks through it again, and could see rabbits down a path. Dipsy looks through it and turned the telescope around. He could see the house, and to his amazement, he sings a song about it! The Baby Sun shrieks and laughs. Dipsy looked through the telescope, and sees the tree from a hill. He likes looking through the telescope, and sings a song about the telescope to his enjoyment.

Dipsy hears something bouncing, and went looking through the telescope (along with the flowers). He turns the telescope around and sees Laa-Laa bouncing her ball. Dipsy turns the telescope around again, and hears something hard (along with the flowers). He looks through the telescope again, and sees Tinky-Winky giggling while opening and shutting his bag. Dipsy sings another song about the telescope as he enjoys seeing things. Then Dipsy hears something blowing. He turns the telescope around a little bit and looks through it, and sees Po smelling the flowers while her scooter is parked next to her. He then sings another song about the telescope.

Dipsy hears it twice, and Dipsy looks through the telescope. He sees Tinky-Winky, Laa-Laa, and Po all having a big hug. Dipsy sings the telescope song and looks through the telescope again. Dipsy wants a big hug too! So he ran to join the Teletubbies, but the telescope itself disappears. The Teletubbies all give a big hug, and love each other very much.


  • There is a rare Windmill ending in this segment.
  • In the US Version of Walking in the Woods, The TV Transmission happens at the end instead of the Magic Tree.

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