The Teletubbies - Dipsy Watching10:38

The Teletubbies - Dipsy Watching

Dipsy in his sitting place

Dipsy with the logo and HD

 Dipsy Watching is a Teletubby Segment. It occured in the episode Badgers and the DVD Oooh!


The Segment starts with Dipsy coming out of the house. He Says Eh-Oh to the viewers as he walks over to his place and Dipsy was watching. He watched the windmill turning, the rabbits playing. Then he hears somebody coming. It was Laa Laa. She came out of the house with a skirt on and dances a lovely dance. Dipsy watched. When Laa Laa was finished with her dance, the narrator and Dipsy say, What A Lovely Dance. And she went back in the house. Then sombody else comes out beside the house. It Was Po! She sang a special song. Dipsy watched. When she finished, Dipsy and the narrator say, What a Special Song. Then, Tinky-Winky comes out and marched a clever march! Dipsy watched. When he finished, Dipsy and the narrator say, What a Clever March. Dipsy loves Tinky Winky, Laa Laa and Po. He calls them. They all come out of the house. They hear a voice calling them. It Was Dipsy! He shouts out, Big Hug and they all come running for a big hug. Teletubbies love each other very much!


When Dipsy is watching the windmill, there are no sparkles when it turns, making it a rare windmill clip.

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