Dipsy Wants to Dance! is a Teletubbies Segment.It was Featured in the Episode Good Morning                                                                                                                                                                          This Segment Starts of with Dipsy On Top of a hill,He Says Eh-oh to the viewers.He Decided to Dance.Laa Laa Comes and asks Dipsy if he Wanted to play with her ball.But Dipsy Wanted to Dance.Tinky Winky Comes Playing Marching.He asked Dipsy if he can.But Dipsy Wanted to Dance Still.Po Comes and asked Dipsy if he can play rolling.But He Still Wanted to Dance.So Laa Laa Played with her ball,Tinky Winky Played Marching,Po Played Rolling and Dipsy Danced.Soon Tinky Winky,Laa Laa and Po Jioined in the dancing and then They all had a Big Hug as The Segment ends.

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