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DipsyXPo is a relationship between Dipsy and Po. It is the rival couple to Tinky-WinkyXPo and DipsyXLaa-Laa.


  • When the windmill picks Po, Dipsy puts his arm around her as he, Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa watch a TV Event in her tummy.
  • In "Otters," Dipsy and Po were watching the clouds together.
  • In "Hand Painting," Dipsy and Po were in the episode together except for the TV Event and Tubby Bye-Bye.
  • In some dances, Dipsy and Po can be seen dancing together.
  • In the Theme Song, in some episodes, Po comes out after Dipsy before Laa-Laa came out.
  • Dipsy and Po both think puddles are disgusting.
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  • Sometimes when the Teletubbies have their favourite things mixed up, Dipsy has Po's scooter, and Po has Dipsy's hat.
  • In "Sitting and Standing", as Dipsy sang a special song about his hat, Po sang with him, and they held hands as they sang together.
  • In "Christmas Gospel Singing" and "Teletubbies and the Snow," after Laa-Laa slides down the hill, Dipsy and Po were the only ones left on top of the hill, and Po helped Dipsy up after he slid down the hill.
  • In "Ice Skating 2," when all of the Teletubbies were holding hands, Dipsy and Po held hands.
  • In "Llama," Po made Dipsy happy by dancing and smiling.
  • In "Rocking Chair," Dipsy and Po heard Laa-Laa's song together.
  • In the Twisty Dance, Dipsy and Po held hands and danced together.
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  • Sometimes Po and Dipsy pair up when Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky are paired together.
  • In the 2015 reboot episode "Windy Day", Po helped Dipsy get his hat back.
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Dipsy and Po singing a special hat song together