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DipsyXPo is a relationship between Dipsy and Po. It is the rival couple to Tinky-WinkyXPo and DipsyXLaa-Laa.


  • When the windmill picks Po, Dipsy puts his arm around her as he, Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa watch a TV Event in her tummy.
  • In "Otters," Dipsy and Po were watching the clouds together.
  • In "Hand Painting," Dipsy and Po were in the episode together except for the TV Event and Tubby Bye-Bye.
  • In some dances, Dipsy and Po can be seen dancing together.
  • In the Theme Song, in some episodes, Po comes out after Dipsy before Laa-Laa came out.
  • Dipsy and Po both think puddles are disgusting.
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  • Sometimes when the Teletubbies have their favourite things mixed up, Dipsy has Po's scooter, and Po has Dipsy's hat.
  • In "Sitting and Standing", as Dipsy sang a special song about his hat, Po sang with him, and they held hands as they sang together.
  • In "Christmas Gospel Singing" and "Teletubbies and the Snow," after Laa-Laa slides down the hill, Dipsy and Po were the only ones left on top of the hill, and Po helped Dipsy up after he slid down the hill.
  • In "Ice Skating 2," when all of the Teletubbies were holding hands, Dipsy and Po held hands.
  • In "Llama," Po made Dipsy happy by dancing and smiling.
  • In "Rocking Chair," Dipsy and Po heard Laa-Laa's song together.
  • In "Feeding My Baby Sister" Po offered to make some Tubby Custard for Dipsy but she kept on eating it herself, having forgotten twice but eventually remembered for the third time round.
  • In the Twisty Dance, Dipsy and Po held hands and danced together.
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  • Sometimes Po and Dipsy pair up when Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky are paired together.
  • In the 2015 reboot episode "Windy Day", Po helped Dipsy get his hat back.
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Dipsy and Po singing a special hat song together