Teletubbies Dipsy's weather book

Teletubbies Dipsy's weather book

Dipsy's Weather Book is an activity that involves around Dipsy. It was featured in the episode, Painting Swings and the video Happy Weather Stories.

Dipsy opening the mysterious weather book with a portrait of Dipsy in front.


Dipsy was out for a walk when he mysteriously hears an unusual sound. He sees a book flying towards him. The book drops down softly. Bedazzled by this unusual appearance, Dipsy asks, "What's that?"

Suddenly, a portrait of Dipsy appeared on the front of the book with his special hat. Dipsy never saw a book before and he looked at it. He smirked and admired his portrait of himself. Then, Dipsy opened the book.

The first page included a portrait of Teletubbyland. A scape of that same portrait would be seen by Dipsy. He turned the page, and it was the same portrait, but with a big cloud. Suddenly, the big cloud flew over Teletubbyland and remained on the spot that was sketched on the book. Dipsy turned the page again, and it showed Tinky Winky. Tinky Winky appeared on the spot, and greeted with a warm "Eh-Oh" to Dipsy, in which he replied back. Dipsy turned another page, and the portrait showed the cloud raining on Tinky Winky. Feared that Tinky Winky might get wet, he alerted Tinky Winky that rain will fall on him. Unfortunately, Tinky Winky didn't hear Dipsy very well, and rain sprinkled on the biggest Teletubby of all. Dipsy turned to the next page, and it showed Tinky Winky holding an umbrella. Dipsy looked, and an umbrella magically appeared on Tinky Winky's hand. Tinky Winky was grateful that the rain didn't sprinkle on him anymore. Dipsy turned to the next page, and it showed the sun shining brightly. We see a glimpse of the Baby Sun giggling. It then made the rainy cloud disappear. The umbrella disappeared on Tinky Winky's hand as well.

Finally, the weather book disappeared with a fade, and Dipsy, unaware of its disappearance, stood up and began dancing saying, "All gone!"

The Magic Windmill begins to spin, but eventually stops and freezes in place. Dipsy says, "Uh Oh!" and he ran off to join with the other Teletubbies for Tubby Bye-Bye. It is unknown if Tinky Winky followed him or went another way to meet with Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.

Alternate Ending

In the Happy Weather Stories VHS, the TV Receiver Sequence instantly begins when the windmill begins to spin fast. To add this, the scene where Dipsy says Uh-Oh! Has been cut out making it go right to the TV/Magical Event animation.