Dipsy About to Prepare

Dipsy preparing the Tubby Custard while the Magic Windmill interrupts him. Notice he's not wearing a bib

Dipsy's Breakfast is a segment in Teletubbies. It is the opening segment to this episode, Feeding My Baby Sister.


Dipsy walks through the back entrance of the Tubbytronic Superdome and says "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. Dipsy jumps and gets excited because it was time for Tubby Custard.

He goes to the Tubby Custard Machine. He presses the switch to get the Tubby Custard going and kicking. He tries to remember what lever he needs to press. When he's thinking though, the Magic Windmill spins.

Dipsy groans and grumbles, and turns the switch off so that the Tubby Custard will not be dispensed. He runs through the back entrance and fetches the other Teletubbies to prepare for the TV Receiver Sequence.


  • Dipsy doesn't wear his bib when preparing for the Tubby Custard. It's pretty rare a Teletubby prepares Tubby Custard without a bib though.
  • Dipsy doesn't say "Uh Oh!" when the Magic Windmill spins. Another time the Teletubbies don't say "Uh Oh!" is when the windmill spins after the Falling Down Dance and of course, in the Episode Snails when the Windmill spins.
  • This is one of the few times the Teletubbies groan and grumble after seeing the Magic Windmill. You can see them groan after they see the Magic Windmill spinning in the episode, Ice Skating.
  • This segment is notably similar to Tinky Winky's Breakfast, Laa-Laa's Breakfast, and Po's Breakfast

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