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Gender Male
Height 8 ft
Hair none
Eyes brown
Skin lime green (outside) dark brown (inside)
Favourite thing black and white furry top hat

Dipsy is the second Teletubby with an antenna that refers to a dipstick because of the name.

Dipsy has a darker face than the other Teletubbies, implying that he is black. He is jolly and likes talking to himself. He wears a white hat with black spots.

Dipsy is 9 feet tall and is lime green. He calls his hat "Dipsy 'Hat" which is how a toddler would say "My Hat." Dipsy is probably the one who is involved least with the Teletubbies, though he is still one of the main characters. He is quite stubborn and sarcastic, and will sometimes refuse to go along with the other Teletubbies' group opinion. He once lost his hat but Laa-Laa found it. He is the second oldest Teletubby after Tinky-Winky and he is quite intelligent and mature. He often hangs out with Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky and is played by John Simmit in the original series and Nick Chee Ping Kellington in the new series.

He enjoys playing fun games with the other Teletubbies. In most of the episodes, he can be seen wearing his hat while playing with Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, and Po while doing any activity they are doing in Teletubbyland. In some episodes, he sometimes plays by himself when nobody is around.


The sound Dipsy's bottom makes was later used in the Nintendo 64 game Donkey Kong 64


Dipsy wearing his hat.

See also


Tubby introduce002

Dipsy dancing.

Tubby introduce006

Dipsy loves his hat.


Dipsy being woken up by The Magic Windmill before it stops spinning(or before the TV Reciever event in Bedtime Stories and Lullabies)


Dipsy with a piece of tubby toast. As seen in Feeding the Chickens


The Teletubbies

IMG 1127-1-

Dipsy in "Favourite Games."


Dipsy through the years

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