Sorry I'm Late

The Bear saying:"I'm the Bear! I'm the Bear! With brown fuzzy hair!

Inside the Home Hill, the Teletubbies are sleeping when a voice trumpet rises and starts singing the nursery rhyme 'Frere Jacques' in French to them. When the rhyme gets to 'Ding, Dang, Dong' a loud bong plays making the screen shake and the Teletubbies laugh. They listen to the rhyme a few times before going back to sleep. Then they wake up to see the Magic Windmill spinning. They rush outside and watch a video of two boys going to the dentist. Then, the Teletubbies rush off to see the Bear and the Lion play hide and seek before the Magic Windmill stops spinning for Tubby Bye Bye.

Featuring: Reena Aluwhalia and The Armstrong Family


  • The Finnish version of this episode is called Aquarium and has a different TV transmission sequence.
  • The Teletubbies also giggle when arriving at their destination in both the UK and Finnish versions.
  • When the Teletubbies arrive in their destination in Teletubbyland, the magic event theme can be heard in the background whilst the scary music is playing. This also happens in the episode Becky and Jed Finding Eggs.
  • Po was the boo shouter in UK Version.
  • Laa Laa was the missing Teletubby.
  • This is the only time that the Voice Trumpet sings a nursery rhyme in a different language (in this case, French).

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Teletubbies Dentist 153 Cartoons for Children

Teletubbies Dentist 153 Cartoons for Children