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Teletubbies Dance with the Teletubbies VHS

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Dance with the Teletubbies (VHS)




Vic Finch

David G Hillier


Here Come the Teletubbies


Nursery Rhymes (VHS)

Dance with the Teletubbies is the second volume of the Teletubbies VHS series. It was released in 1997 (1998 in the USA) then re-released again in 2003. It was released as Teletubbies Ready Steady Dance! with Dance with the Teletubbies and Teletubbies Ready Steady GO! released two titles on one DVD in 2009.


Featuring: Georgina & Harriet Acott-Smith, India & Tom Beaufort-Lloyd, Alex Kemp, George Kirkpatrick, Carly & Anna Mitchell, Harriet Moran, Holly & Charlie Morris, Gabriel Prince, Charlie & Oliver Travers, Larette Tritton, and Guy & Amber Wyles


The 2001 VHS had Dot and Dash on the cover, however it both opens and closes with the 1993 PBS Cartoon P-Head logo


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  • Po was the boo shouter
  • The missing teletubby was Tinky Winky

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